Monday, 28 November 2016

A Walk in the Park and Some Childhood Memories

During the current period of cold weather I'm not using the bike much but I strolled around some parks on Glasgow's south side where I lived as a child.

Queen's Park - I climbed to the flagpole….

….to get a view of the grimy old city. As children we sledged here.

Only a few autumn leaves left on the trees
   It looks like someone broke the ice on the small pond for there little fellows

The big pond was also frozen. This is unusual at this time of year. An earliest recollection of mine is my younger brother falling through the ice here and being rushed home in our sister's pram. 
Nearby is Maxwell Park, my favourite as a child.

More autumn (but feels like winter) leaves

It may seem strange but I know this stone well. We used to sail boats in the pond and clamber over this shiny stone.

Frozen leaves

The low winter sun reflected on the ice

My preferred mode of transport these days (us old yins get a free pass)


  1. Great pics. It is nice to have a walking tour when it is too chilly to ride.

    I miss walking in the brisk, but sunny weather. We don't see much of the sun this time of year, so thank you for sharing.

    1. November is usually dull & damp here but this year it has been cool & bright which is a nice change.

  2. What beautiful pictures. Looks like you had many fond memories at this park, always a special moment when reflecting on our childhoods. Thanks for the share!