Sunday 23 April 2017

A Day Out at Summerlee

We had a pleasant meet up today at the Summerlee Industrial museum in Coatbridge where there was a rally of classic cars. We were busy yacking about bikes but I managed to take a few snaps.

Daimler SP250. This was a 2.5 litre V8 sports car from 1959. It was unveiled at the New York motor show where it was called the ugliest car there. Well I think it's pretty cool. The  police in London operated a fleet of there cars to catch the reckless cafĂ© racers of the day.

A rare Alvis TB14 (one of only 100 built)

Classy interior

Jaguar XK150

Jim was showing his Trabant.

Fun details under the bonnet. For safety reasons the fuel tank is located in front of the driver and above the engine! The engine is hiding under a vinyl cover and what's with the huge ignition coils?

Of course the car has a fuel gauge. It's this rod that you dip into the tank to find out how many litres are left.

This huge locomotive was built in Glasgow and operated in South Africa. Depressingly it and me are the same age. I hope I'm in slightly better condition! 

They have some old trams running. This one came from Dusseldorf.

Some of the old machine tools used in local factories.

This a favourite photograph of mine in the museum. It shows boy workers in the Coltness Iron Works in 1900 preparing beds for casting pig iron. Note bare feet. Aye, youngest nowadays - they don't know they're born!


  1. You might want to check out who designed the Daimler V8 250 engine!

    1. Yes, I told the guys that the Daimler engine was 4 Bonnevilles bolted together - not quite true but there must be some similarities.

  2. Great photos. I like the old Jaguar. I am not of fan of the newer styling, but like the older ones.

    1. It's great that people spend so much time keeping these oldies going and in such perfect condition - a real labour of love.