Monday 1 May 2017

MZRC Rally, Tighnabruaich

This weekend I went to the MZRC rally in Tighnabruaich. Although it has the feel of remote Highland village it is only 36 miles as the crow flies from my home. The shortest route there is using the ferry from Grourock to Dunoon But I went the long way via Helensburgh and Loch Fyne to make a run of it.

This was my first opportunity to go camping on my SV650. To carry my gear I fitted my compact Givi E21 panniers on SW Motech frames. I carry my tent and air mattress in a tube bag strapped onto the pillion seat. Despite the SV's sporty nature it makes a good solo tourer. The V twin engine is grunty in the twisties and relaxed at motorway speeds.

The weather was dull and a bit cool but dry.


The SV in touring mode

I don't think I'm giving away state secrets by saying the home of Britain's nukes is at the Faslane base on Gare Loch

The ruin of old Castle Lachlan on Loch Fyne….

….and the nearby New Castle

Ardlamont point at the bottom of the peninsular. There are a couple of houses here with one of the best views in the country even on a cloudy day. The island of Arran is in the centre of the picture. This is an high dynamic range panorama to make things more dramatic.

Bikes at the hotel

We camped in the grounds so didn't have to walk far for food & drink

Customised MZ Trophy….

…..with the owner's portrait on the tank. This was his expression when he realised that the brakes don't work

Sunbeam S7 with balloon tyres   

Me trying Andy's Bullet outfit. I stopped smiling shortly after when I realise how scary riding a bike and sidecar is.

The Kyles of Butes on the way home.

Dunoon under heavy skies

On the ferry heading home 


  1. That MZ Trophy... What a funky looking bike (I love it). And the rider's tale about its brakes--too funny.

    The Sunbeam S7--well, it's just all-around pretty. Nice.

    1. I made up the bit about the brakes. It's a bit unfair of me since the owner proudly told us how he fitted a twin leading shoe brake from a CZ to the bike.

    2. Hey, it makes for a great story, and it gets a chuckle, so no harm done. ;-)

  2. You always have such beautiful views. The skies seem so large. A good excuse for a multi-day ride too.