Sunday, 14 May 2017

More Santander

We loved walking along this beach

On a trail

"I told you, don't plant ivy!"

Sometimes I get this 3D face and sometimes I don't

Lots of bike parking places

I imagine the owner of the old blue house saying "there's no way I'm selling out to the developers". 

Where we are

It's gin-o'clock!

One day it got stormy - this is the Bay of Biscay after all.

People seem to have been rubbing the mermaid statue for, uh, luck?

Palacio de la Magdalena, a royal palace

The view from the palace


  1. You tease us so with those pictures, but it is a good kind of teasing.

    The 3D face was quite interesting. I could see it if I let my eyes go wonky a bit.

    1. We're off on another interesting trip next week. Photos to follow, of course!