Thursday 18 May 2017

Featured Car - Jowett Javelin/Jupiter

I came across this nice pair in Peebles recently. They were advertising a rally for Jowett Cars. Jowett made vehicles in Bradford in West Yorkshire from 1906 to 1954 and these cars represent their post-war models. They are a Javelin saloon and a Jupiter sports car.

Cute as they are what is more interesting are the engines. It is an aluminium 1500cc water cooled flat 4. This was an advanced design for the era and the cars were quite fast - 80mph for the saloon and 85 mph for the open car.


You don't get this anymore! The whole front part of the bodywork folds back for excellent access (the radiator is behind the engine)

When I showed interest in the cars a lady rushed out of a café and gave me this flyer for their rally at the end of the month. So if this sort of thing interests you I'm sure they will be a friendly bunch.

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