Friday, 12 May 2017


We're just back from a four day visit to the northern Spanish city of Santander. "We" being myself, Gwen and her brother & sister-in-law. We were interested in visiting the city after budget airline Ryanair starting flying here recently.

Only two hours from Edinburgh, Santander is a beautiful city in a wonderful seaside setting. Great architecture, spectacular beaches, a lovely city to walk about. Unlike most of Spain it's not hot & dry but has a fresh temperate climate. We enjoyed good food all washed down with excellent Rioja wine. 

This area is green and has an alpine look

View from our hotel

The beach

Beach tennis is popular

There were a lot of contrails - the city is on the flight path between the UK and the resorts of southern Spain

The marina
  The city has many grand buildings

This magnificent building is the Mayor's residence (I think)…..

….."guarded" by this pair of friendly old girls.


  1. Looks like a lovely place for a holiday - and warm too. You are lucky in that so many countries are a hop skip and short flight away.

    1. People I told had either never heard of Santander or had no idea where it was - it's a bank to most folk.

      Most of Europe (or at least the bits you'd want to go to) are under 3 hours away for us. Budget airlines make travelling affordable.