Friday 19 May 2017

Southern Scotland - As the Crow Flies - Part#3

Smailholm Tower, a 16th century tower house

On the back roads looking for….

….Hume Castle

The castle is not what it seems. It's a fake. Well, there was a castle here built about 1300 but this was destroyed in the 17th century. It was re-built as a folly in 1789.

The castellations are far to big and pointless without a platform behind them. I think the wall in the centre is the only original part.

A good view to the south to look out for the English approaching

I was chased from the grounds of the castle by these sheep! I don't know what breed they are but they're as ugly as sin. Even the lamb was huge but can't be more than ten weeks old. Thinking about it they were probably just looking for me to feed them.

It's raining on someone….

Just over the border to Berwick upon Tweed

Seems a good way to exercise the dog


  1. As far as sheep go they do really look like they have an attitude. Were they trying to nibble on you or head butt you? You were outnumbered, retreat was a good decision.

  2. Thanks for all your comments. I would have replied earlier but I am not at home.

    Stuart from Krems, Austria

  3. Back home now.

    I'll give the sheep the benefit of the doubt. I think they were just curious. But since they were big & ugly I took no chances. Luckily no one was about to witness my embarrassment!