Tuesday 30 May 2017

CBF at 60k

This is a post I have not anticipated making. 60,000 miles on a 250? But three years after posting "CBF at 40k" there I am.

The bike required a bit of money & time spent on it last year to fix the clutch and a stripped spark plug thread. But after that it's running fine. It doesn't make any strange noises and it consumes only a tiny amount of oil. This suggests the motor is still in good condition.

The CBF in an important bike for me. It is my sole transport between November and March and I use for my day to day running about. But the bike is also fun to ride, especially on the back roads where its light weight and punchy engine work well.

In three years or so will I be writing a "CBF at 80k"? - don't bet against it.


  1. Nicely done! Looking forward to that 80k post.

  2. 60k in all weathers! Given that, its a commendable machine. I know you have to keep on top of the maintenance and finish but the same would be true for any bike. Lets hope it continues to allow you to see the winter sights and keep us all wishing we were also retired! :-)