Monday 24 July 2017

Happy Campers

I took a run up the West Highlands today. I passed Connel Bridge and went for a walk over it for the view. I spotted this outfit. It's a Ural with sidecar and caravan. It had a foreign number plate, white, so maybe German.

"Five wheels on my wagon and I'm still rollin' along"

I've featured this bridge previously. It crosses Loch Etive at the Falls of Lora east of Oban and close to the point the loch joins the sea. It was built in 1903 as a railway bridge but converted to a road bridge when the line closed.

There's a good flow of water from the loch heading to the sea

Looking east up Loch Etive


Thanks to "Mr Combo" for identifying this couple. They are from South Eastern France, so a good way from home. 

An account of a trip to Norway here
video here


  1. Putting a caravan behind any vehicle looks more like a Dutch thing to me ;-)
    I have never seen a hack pulling a mobile home before.
    Look at the weather, the mountains and the water... I am envious.

  2. Pretty cool to see the caravan being pulled by the sidecar rig. And of course the bridge is pretty neat too.

  3. It does seem a lot to haul with the Ural's 41bhp.

    As I've said many times in the past, Scotland's weather is not always this nice. I constantly study the forecast and make the best of fine weather. On a day like this the landscape is spectacular.

  4. The caravanners are probably this French couple
    There's some video of them on the road too

    1. Well done Mike! Yes that's them. They seem to get about.