Thursday 13 July 2017

In the News - Mince on Toast

What is it with the Yanks and British food? The foody website Eater reviewed the dish and described it as "a quintessentially British comfort classic". Trouble is no one this country has ever heard of it far less eaten it.

To be fair the dish does actually exist. Eater tried it at the Quality Chop House in East London. Minced beef is served on dripping (animal fat) soaked bread with watercress. This gruesome mess sells for £16.

After the furore New Zealand admitted ownership of the dish.


  1. I mean, come on, it certainly looks like something the British could have invented ;-)

    1. You've read my mind! I WAS going to write that. It certainly does look like something we'd tuck into (but don't)

  2. There was a pub in Kilmarnock I used to go to, to see bands, and they sold a roll and mince!