Thursday, 3 August 2017

In the News - Harley Davidson flavoured Gin

I'm a big fan of gin. The old "mother's ruin" is my preferred tipple if I'm drinking spirits. Gin has undergone a huge upsurge in popularity in this country. In the past a bar would have a bottle of Gordon's and maybe Bombay Sapphire and that was it. Now there will be gin menu stretching to many pages. A booze shop will have literally scores of brands from all over the country. A reason is that gin is cheap & easy to make. Take grain spirit and flavour it with botanicals - juniper, orange, cardamom, liquorice, anything really and you're ready to sell it to a hipster for £35 a bottle. No blending and ageing as required by whisky.
But German bike builder Uwe Ehinger has taken things to a new level by flavouring gin with Harley Davidson parts. Ehinger has created three varieties of his premium-priced gin based on bits and pieces of a 1939 Flathead, 1947 Knucklehead and 1962 Panhead. Each bottle comes with the part’s backstory and from what far corner of the world the part was unearthed.

All this doesn't come cheap, of course. A bottle starts at $1,058.

video (hilarious)


  1. Oy, that video--just ooozing with hipsterness... :D :D :D

  2. Is this for real??? Heehee. Wonder if anyone has actually tried it? Might pop a rusty imperial bolt in my gin tonight and grow a quick beard.

  3. I find this to be a very good business idea. If it sells... why not.