Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The Bays of Galloway

I was planning on going somewhere else but the weatherman said that it would be best in the south west of the country so that's where I headed.

I remembered that there were some impressive bays heading for the Mull of Galloway so I went looking for them.

As usual (for some odd reason) I'm visiting the coast at low tide.

Loch Ryan from Stranraer


Sandhead Bay. I'm standing where the seaweed finishes so the tide goes out a long way here.

Sandhead Bay

Drumantrae Bay

New England Bay. I can't find the reason for the name. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the USA.

I brought some lunch and the bay made a pleasant setting for lunch

Drummore Bay

Drummore Bay

Port Logan Bay

Luce Bay


  1. The bays are really pretty. I was surprised at how far the tide goes out at Sandhead Bay.

    1. The tidal range there is 5-6 metres which I think is a lot. I ride to this area maybe four times a year and I always seem to be there at low tide!

      Morecombe in north west England is known for its big tidal range (10m) with the tide going out 12km (8 miles) At low tide you can be on the beach and not be able to see the sea!