Tuesday 20 March 2018

Run to Dumfries

Our cold weather persists but it was sunny today so I got out for a favourite run of mine.

In Sanquhar this pond was still partially frozen

I was mobbed by these ducks who seem to have been under the mistaken belief I was going to feed them

Footbridge over the River Nith in Dumfries


Spring flowers in Dumfries



Phone boxes have become rare here now but this one has been converted into an emergency defibrillator point.

Solway Firth at Gretna

Annandale north of Moffat 


  1. Fantastic use of an old phone box.

  2. You know it is chilly when the pond is partly frozen. The flowers sure do brighten up spring though.

    1. It's marked as a "curling pond" on the map so it will be shallow to allow it to freeze easily. It never gets cold enough now to curl outdoors in Scotland (I think). A victim of global warming.

      The flowers are a welcome sign of spring as were some lambs but I couldn't get close enough to them for a photo.