Thursday, 8 March 2018

Serious Snow

So the snow melted, then it fell again, then it (mostly) melted again.

There were reports on the TV that a nearby area, the Carron Valley, had been badly affected. Some people had been cut off for a week and even the snow plough couldn't get through.

Today I tried to visit the affected area. It isn't remote being in the Campsie hills only 12 miles from the city centre. 
Warning signs, but the road looks ok

Deep snow where the road has been cleared

No way past!

Looking back

The road ahead


  1. Wow, it looks like they just pushed the snow into the road where it was blocked instead of off to the side. At least you got a first hand look at it.

    1. They cleared the snow out of town for a few miles to the last farm then stopped. The snow was so deep that they had to use an excavator which must have been very slow. The dark lump on top of the pile of snow is the exact shape of an excavator bucket.

      It wasn't that cold today so I think it'll melt over the weekend.

  2. Looks a lot like the landscape in which I ride my Vespa in central Pennsylvania. Love seeing how small municipalities handle snow when you get into the backwoods backroads...

    1. Despite our northerly location snow is fairly rare in the UK. This has been a cold winter with more snow than usual.