Saturday, 5 May 2018

A Worrying Sign

While most of the country enjoyed warm temperatures and sunshine the west coast of Scotland remained gloomy, cool and drizzly. This was not good because I was at my annual camping expedition to the MZ Riders Club rally in Tighnabruaich.

It was worthwhile because of the opportunity to down a (good) few pints with old friends. During a stroll along the seafront I noticed this sign on the pier. I couldn't help but think "what events made the authorities erect this?" 

***update*** strange because the village has small but picturesquely located public toilets! (Google Streetview)

View from the pier

I don't mind camping but I wouldn't like to try it sober!


Ah, the beauty of the Scottish Highlands in springtime


  1. A beautiful liquid sunshiny day. Looks a little chilly. Hopefully those pints kept you warm.

    The sign makes you laugh. Maybe there were no public loos when the sign was posted.

    When I worked for the lawyer here we'd see homeless get "offensive littering" charges that were usually from using the city property as their outhouse.

    1. See ***update*** re toilet situation.

      It was pretty cool - I was glad of my heated grips. Of course it became bright & warm as soon as I got home - but that's Scotland.

    2. You wouldn't think that they'd need the sign with public toilets nearby. Maybe too many folks like to go without being confined by walls, lol.