Thursday, 3 May 2018

Dumfries to Moniaive

Yesterday, a journey of only 15 miles as the crow flies but the map says that there is much to see…..

I planned my route and found info at

The ruins of Lincluden College Church in Dumfries. This was built in the 15th century on the site of a 12th century nunnery. Archibald, 3rd Earl of Douglas successful petitioned the Pope to have the nunnery abolished on the grounds that the nuns lived "disgracefully". The nuns were accused of failing to maintain the building and not being as celibate as the job description requires.

Just outside of Dumfries is a stone circle known as "the twelve apostles". Neolithic or bronze age. These stones could have been placed here 4,000 years ago.

Kilpatrick Irongay Parish Church. I like old graveyards. I'm looking for spooky old graves and quirky epitaphs.

Memorial to a soldier

The epitaph reads:

Captain Finnan

Maintained unsullied the character of a British Officer on the late war of Great Britain and revolutionary France. The hoary veteran hastened among the earliest of his countrymen to arms and headed a company of the Royal Dumfries Volunteers during the awful struggle of treason and anarchy against loyalty and order.

This tomb is dated 1569

Routin Linn waterfall
I have to include a bridge. It's good too see that this lattice truss has been well maintained.
Lots of rivets!

The schoolmaster's house in Moniaive. The clock tower in this village means that pupils have no excuse for being late for class!

My route follows that of the Cairn Valley Light Railway. It was closed in the 1940's but the station building in Moniaive remains. Maybe demolish it after 70 years?

A big sky up in the hills

It was a typical British spring day - showers, sunny spells, breezy, cool. A rainbow at my local park.


  1. Lovely roadside pics, Stuart, and plenty of attraction it seems especially give the short distance.

  2. Thanks. A study of the map finds interesting things even on roads I'm familiar with.