Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Run to Ardnamurchan

Fine weather continues here so I'm back on the FJ. Yesterday I took my annual trip to the Ardnamurchan peninsular in the West Highlands. 

Welcome to the Highlands

Camper van from Germany



The West Highlands are choked with tourists at this time of year. The FJ easily gets past the coaches, camper vans and dawdling cars but I have another plan. I take the Corran ferry to the Ardnamurchan peninsular. Here I find quiet roads and solitude.

View from the ferry
Welcome to Ardnamurchan. My map shows that Ardnamurchan is the area at the end of the peninsular but the name gets applied to the whole peninsular.
River Gour at Loch Linnhe

The Caribbean or the Greek islands? - no - the west coast of Scotland!

River Shiel at Archarcle

Castle Tioram

Foxgloves seem to thrive in this area

Loch Ailort - biking roads don't come much better than this

This was a sad sight. A once grand building allowed to fall into ruin. Inverailort House (or Castle) is a very odd building. The oldest parts are maybe 17th century with multiple extensions over the years. Architecturally it's all over the place. No attempt was made to match any of the various parts. The obituary of the last(?) resident gives some of its strange history. here


  1. It doesn't look very crowded where you are headed. Just the contrary, given this time of the year.

    1. Glencoe & Fort William are packed with tourists but a few miles to the west it's empty - a nice secret place!