Monday, 2 July 2018

Back on the FJ and a Simple Repair

If you follow my blog you'll see that I've been riding my Yamaha FJ1200 over the last month. The bike was unused since autumn 2016 but is going very well. I did about 1,900 mile on it in June and it was great to get the old thunderer back on the road.

I've done a little maintenance. I changed the engine oil & filter, checked the valve clearances (all ok) and put in new spark plugs.

There was one slight repair I did. The rubber tubes from the airbox to the carburettors had split. Luckily the ones on my old FJ (now a "donor bike") were ok so I swapped them.  
Both outer rubber tubes were split. This didn't effect running but would tend to make the bike run weak.

The airbox off my old FJ. Its tubes were in perfect condition. I soaked them in silicone lubricant for a week to make sure that they stayed pilable.

All back together

The bike has a K&N washable air filter. This is a great product but the 50-100,000 mile service interval is wildly optimistic.
Mine was pretty filthy after 7,000 miles. Restoration is simple (see here)

My old FJ selflessly donated parts to keep the new bike going.

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