Friday, 5 October 2012

FJ Air Filter

I've stopped using my newer FJ for the year. This gives me to chance to catch up on some maintenance. The first thing I checked was the air filter. I'd noticed that recently the fuel consumption was a bit worse than normal. I while back I fitted a K&N filter from the FJOC. They said that it only needs cleaning every 50,000 miles. Well mine has done 35,000 miles and it's not a pretty sight! 

 There was also a cigarette butt in the airbox!

 K&N kit to clean & re-oil the filter (only £8, delivered)

 I used a vacuum cleaner to remove the big stuff

 Lots of muck washed out

 That's better

 Hang up to dry
 After re-oiling

Maybe I won't leave it 6 years years before cleaning again

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