Monday, 1 October 2012

CBF Fork Cap Bolts

A while back, whilst replacing a fork seal, I chewed up the head of one of the CBF's fork top bolts. "So what" I though I'll just get a new one. After all CBF spares are cheap, I replaced an engine casing inspection cover for £3.48, so the fork bolt should be about the same. Eh, no, they cost £65 each! I continued using the damaged bolt whilst looking for a cheap replacement. I eventually found a genuine Honda accessory for the CBF's replacement, the CBR250 for £18 a pair, new, made in Thailand. A check of the parts book confirmed that both bikes use the same part so these will fit. The bolts are garish anodised red and I though of repainting them but I'm going to leave them as is to remind me to be careful in the future.  

1 comment:

  1. Now that is a significant difference in price. I suppose you could have the red color bead blasted off, but the idea of leaving them red as a warning sounds like a good idea. Gives it a racy look.