Friday, 20 July 2018

Completing my Coastal Journey

Last winter I took some runs to the Lothian coast - from west of Edinburgh to Dunbar. I thought I'd continue this coastal run through the Scottish Borders.
A period of fine weather here continues but it was more cloudy at the coast, but this gives some dramatic skies.
My first stop is at White Sands just south of Dunbar where some intrepid children where braving the North Sea.

The small ex-fishing village of Cove which overlooks this impressive…eh…cove.

This monument commemorates fishermen from the village that died in the storm of 1881 and depicts women and children looking out to sea.

Pease Bay. It's always fun crossing a ford on a bike. There's been a dry spell so I guess this is as low at it will get.

The coast road

The next fishing village - St Abbs.

My final stop was at the fishing port of Eyemouth.

This fine mansion overlooks the town. Built in 1753 by a local smuggler, John Nisbet. Smuggling must have been a lucrative business and the house is said to have many secret places for the contraband to be stashed.

In the ground of the mansion is "Nisbet's Castle". Actually a dovecot that has been converted into holiday accommodation.

They take fish seriously here. Each year a "Herring Queen" is chosen and past Queens were displayed in the town.

I'm not happy about this. A pub called "The Contented Sole" I get the joke but puns should be reserved for hairdressers etc, drinking is a serious buisness


  1. You know if the pub name has "sole" in it, they must really love their fish. But if the towns coffers rely on it, I can understand why.

    A beautiful day to be on two-wheels.

    1. Yes, it was a very pleasant day out. This is an interesting area with good roads and lots to see.

  2. I'd love to stay at Nisbet's Tower. An accommodation to my liking.