Monday 21 January 2019

Lidl Haul

This morning I visited my local Lidl store to get some stuff in their DIY tools special.  

Electrical multimeter. I already have a couple of these but they're in various degrees of knackeredness due to my misuse.

Cordless mini drill (a Dremel-style tool) and a set of accessories.

A lifetime's supply of MIG welding wire. I got two reels each of 0.8mm & 0.6mm flux cored wire. I'd never used 0.6mm so it will be interesting to see how this works.

A blade for my circular saw.
The German supermarket chains Lidl & Aldi have made a big impact in this country and are very popular. I make a trip weekly to get our groceries. I like the fact they are small so you don't spend ages wandering about and they have regular special deals (like this one) 
The extend of their market saturation is such that within 10 miles of my house there are 21 Lidl & 17 Aldi stores!

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