Wednesday 30 January 2019


Gwen suggested a winter city break. I agreed but said that I didn't want to go anywhere cold. "What about Seville?" she said. This seemed a good idea. Seville (Sevilla) is known as one of the warmest cities in Europe. 

The temperature was 18C/64F with clear blue skies so Seville in mid-winter compares with Scotland in mid-summer (except it's sunnier) A fine city with great sights and a lively nightlife. Although a large city it's easy to get round on foot. Gwen's brother & sister-in-law joined us.      

Mid-winter in Seville

La Giralda is the bell tower of the cathedral. Originally the minaret of the mosque (completed 1198) it was incorporated into the cathedral that was built after the Christian re-conquest in 1248.

The Giralda influenced the design of many buildings in the USA and elsewhere - like the Wrigley Building in Chicago.

The cathedral

The Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold) in another Moorish building (1221)

You can't come to Spain and not eat paella!

Our evening tipple was Tio Pepe fino (dry white sherry) a fortified wine from this area. It was mild enough to sit outside in the evenings.

A great city needs a great river. The Rio Guadalquivir
The Metropol Parasol, locally Las Setas (the Mushrooms) It claims to be the largest timber structure in the world.

A walkway gives good views of the city.

A bottle of orange-flavoured gin seemed a good (if temporary) memento of our trip.

Seville  is a fantastic city that I'd highly recommend. It was a welcome sunny break from our gloomy northern winter.  

(Maybe) more Seville on the way…..


  1. After looking at your pics I so look forward to my Spain trip in the not so far away future. Beautiful!

    1. We always have a great time in Spain. I'm sure you will too.