Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Bike Show Bites - Gold Wing Adventure

I'll finish my series of Bike Show posts with my favourite bike of the day. This is an amazing custom. A Honda Gold Wing adventure bike. You know a custom is good when it looks like it could have come from the factory.

Although a Gold Wing adventure bike seems an odd idea, surprisingly it doesn't look that big or bulky next to a BMW GS or a Triumph Explorer etc.   

How it would have looked


  1. I saw that at last year's show and thought that it was exceptionally well done. As you say, it compares favourably with modern adventure bikes. I dare say my Caponord is as big.

  2. It is a very impressive custom. You have to admire someone who puts the effort in to create a bike like this.

  3. Impressive. At one I thought about getting a used Goldwing to create a cafe racer. Then I realized is too much work, and I don't have the space where to store it.

    1. The Honda Switzerland Gold Wing endurance racer from the '70's looked pretty cool.