Saturday, 30 March 2019

An Old Friend Returns

We hadn't seen "our" fox for a while but he was back today. When I last saw him couple of months ago he was not looking good. He had an injured back leg. It looked like he may have broken a bone in the lower leg/paw area and he wouldn't put any weight on it.

But today he was walking fine and as bold as ever. I think I could see some scars on his paw but he seems to have made a fully recovery.   


  1. So cute. I am glad he recovered. I miss seeing the foxes that used to come by at our old house. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    1. Some people are down on urban foxes but they never cause me any problems. I think it's great we can share space with quite a large wild animal.

  2. I wish I lived in the country. If I could I would have my own animal farm.