Sunday, 7 April 2019

Featured Bike - Schwalbe Electric Scooter

German company GOVECS have launched an electric scooter. Called Schwalbe (swallow) it is a styled like the old Simson scooter of the same name.

Simson produced motorcycles, scooters and moped in Suhl, East Germany. The Schwalbe had a 50cc engine and was built between 1964 and 1986. 
There is a photograph I took of a Schwalbe in Altenberg in 2009. The new scooter is very similar to the old one.

Why were we in Altenberg? Well this was a slightly random destination budget airline Ryanair (briefly) flew to from our local airport and it seemed like a good idea for a weekend break.


  1. They sure liked bright colors for their scooters. Good for safety perhaps.

    1. The blue & yellow scooters are the new electric ones and the red one is the old one. Pretty hard to tell them apart.