Monday, 29 April 2019

CBF Fuse Meltdown

Today I noticed that the headlight on my CBF250 was out. Not a big deal - with winter over I seldom ride in the dark. The dim & main was gone so I doubted it was a blown bulb. The first thing I checked was the fuse and the problem was not hard to spot.   

Not only had the 10A fuse blown, the plastic body had melted.

The CBF's fuse box

I checked the current through the fuse in case there was a short circuit. The headlight is 55 watts on dip and 60 watts on main so I'd expect 5 amps - and that's what I got.
Why the fuse blew will have to remain one of life's mysteries.


...or maybe not. My brother said that the problem could be a bad contact causing arcing. I cleaned the contacts in the fuse box and now all seems well.

***Update #2***

The problem returned some months later and I found the real fault.


  1. Chinese Fuse?

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    2. I can't remember ever replacing the fuse so maybe it's original. But it could be from my cheap fuse kit.