Wednesday, 24 April 2019

The Southern Upland Way Part #2

Continuing my journey across Southern Scotland. 

The oilseed rape in bloom

The gates of Thirlestane Castle in Lauder

Roadside daffodils

Just before Melrose this granite pillar marks the location of the Roman fort of Trimontium.

In Melrose I went to see the chain bridge. Built in 1826 the footbridge spans an impressive 90 meters across the River Tweed. Going by the old warning signs I was expecting a very lively bridge….

…..but it turned out to be pretty rigid.

The reason was obvious. The deck consists of a lattice of welded hollow sections - it was replaced in 1991. Descriptions of the bridge are scathing about the strengthening work but, as one who toiled in the industry, I think a bridge has to be functional as well as aesthetic. Note that the original contractor repaired the bridge in 1928 - at no cost. Not something any contractor I ever worked with would have considered!

The mighty Tweed from the bridge

Melrose Abbey, founded 1146. War with the English and the Scottish Reformation did for it, I think.

Traquair House near Innerleithen. This claims to be the oldest continuously occupied house in Scotland - oldest parts dating to c1492. Undergoing some repairs before the tourist season starts.

Impressive driveway. The kids in the foreground seemed to performing some sort of play.

The entrance gates feature some fierce beasts……

….which I assume are suppose to be bears. They look more like a sheep with a crocodile's head.

The house contains a brewery. The 160 shilling ale has a potent 9.5% alcohol.

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