Saturday, 20 April 2019

Ratchet Spanner Fix

I've got a set of ratchet spanners. I don't use them a lot but where there is a nut or bolt that needs a lot of turning and you can't get a socket on it, they come in handy.  

One of the spanners doesn’t work. A part of the plastic insert that holds the spring has broken off. These are cheap items but I like to try to fix things if I can. The spanner is held together with rivets. I ground off the head and they came out easily. The ratchet is controlled by a spring and ball bearing. The ball on the "good" end flew out and clanked about the garage - good start!

I didn't have any small balls bearings so I made a couple of bullet shaped pieces from a steel pin. An old tyre valve provided a suitable spring. I made a spring holder in steel.
 It was a little fiddly to get everything back together
I fixed it together with some pop rivets…..and it worked fine.


  1. Bought my first ratchet spanner recently to fix a cylinder head cover leak on my bike. Not enough room for my hands to fit in between the frame and valve cover.

  2. These are cheap tools and easy to replace but I like to fix things if I can.

  3. Jeez, Stuart. Retirement is really getting to you :)