Wednesday, 1 May 2019

The Southern Upland Way Part #4

St John's Town of Dalry

The path takes this interestingly bouncy suspension bridge over the River Nith

The church dates from 1831….

…but there are some older stones including the table shaped martyrs' grave.                        
The martyrs were two local covenanters executed in 1684. I think that the religious conflicts of the 17th century are not well known by Scots (well, not by me anyway) The covenanters opposed the King's imposition of Episcopalianism on the Presbyterian Scots. A pretty obscure concept from today's perspective.

Heather on fire at Carphairn

Clattingshaws Loch

Bruce's Stone, Glen Trool. This granite block commemorates Robert the Bruce's victory in the Battle of Glen Trool in 1307 which started the Scottish War of Independence.

The Water of Minnoch

Loch Ochiltree

Dappled clouds

Tree-lined road

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