Tuesday 14 May 2019

Brewery Murals

I do like a nice mural.

I noticed that the Tennent's brewery in Glasgow's east end had its walls decorated with them.



A comment on the Scottish climate

This mural depicts the "Lager Lovelies" - models featured on the beer cans until the late '80's - a bit un-PC by today's standards.

This one has the statue of the Duke of Wellington in the city centre with a traffic cone on his head - something of a symbol of the city.

I'm in no way endorsing Tennent's beer - it's horrible stuff. But those of my generation started drinking it in our youth when there wasn't much of a choice.


  1. Murals are a great way to decorate a city. In 1974, I was recruited by my former high school teacher to work with him painting murals to decorate low income housing projects. Some of the murals lasted 25 years. It was an amazing experience.

    1. Check out my other blog where I visit the murals in the city centre


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