Saturday, 3 August 2019

Classics at Comrie

There was an interesting range of classic bikes of various vintages on show at the VMCC meeting at Comrie. This was a S&T event (not sure what that stands for) but you have to cover a set course at a given average speed.

Please note I'm no expert on Brit bikes so I'm guessing the models - you may well know better.  

Ariel Arrow two stroke twin

A rare Silk 700s. Maybe an early model going by the drum brake? The engine was based on……

….the Scott.

Another Ariel, a Square Four

I liked the huge tank badge on this Matchless, I'd never seen this before. A 650cc G12 CSR I think.

A Brough Superior SS80

A really old BSA
There were some tiddlers like this Puch Moped

A BSA M21 and trade sidecar

There were a few Japanese bike like this (early?) Z1

As a Suzuki GT500 owner in times long past I liked this example of its predecessor, the T500. About 1970 so getting on for 50 years old.

The rev counter has the running-in revs marked - could this be annoying long term?

Keith waiting to set off - while being serenaded by a piper.


  1. Beautiful vintage bikes. Vintage motorcycle shows are my favorites.

    1. Yes, it's good to see these old bikes being ridden.