Thursday, 29 August 2019

Featured Bike - Cyclemaster

Last Sunday I went to a classic vehicle show in Ladybank, Fife with my friend Malcolm. He has a Cyclemaster which he is trying to get working so took interest in one on display.

The Cyclemaster was a power rear wheel that was fitted to a bicycle to provide (very) basic transport. It was a Dutch/German design that was manufactured in the UK by EMI, the music & entertainment company. Produced 1950-58.

Period advert

This is taking things way too far!

                                               This video makes it all look quite fun


  1. When I visited the Netherlands in 2006, I was surprised to see so many bicycles. They even had their own bicycle garages all over the city in Holland.

  2. My first bike.....well shared with my brother. It was given to us by our bread man (remember them, deliveries direct to your home from the bakery a couple of times a week). We used it on a lane that ran behind our Victorian street of houses. Great fun when you are 12 or so, especially since it was in a bicycle with 28 inch rims and I couldn't touch the ground.

    1. A cool bit of history. I'm not sure I'd want to ride one in today's traffic.