Thursday, 12 September 2019

Mallorca Trip - Part #3 - Food and Drink

Gwen about to enjoy a lunch of Pa amd Oli (bread & oil) a common Mallorcan dish. Crusty bread with olive oil, garlic & tomato topped (in this case) with cured meats.

This was a funny one. We stopped at this bar for a drink and I liked the look of the place - full of locals. The menu was very brief - paella followed by pork or fish. Including water, wine and a dessert - €10 or €12 - I guessed that "Socio" meant a discount for the unwaged. It tuned out the clientel were elderly - I think it was a Sunday lunch for the oldies. But we were made welcome. 

***Update*** "socio" = "member". So maybe some kind of dining club.

The local market had a good selection of fruit & veg.

We bought some and I made my "Spanish breakfast" - fried potatoes, peppers, egg and chorizo.

To us from the chilly north the fruit in the villa's garden - grapes and pomegranates - feels exotic.

So much wine, so little time!

Near our villa were these fast food vending machines. It doesn't seem necessary in a place where you an order dinner at 10pm.

The doner kebab sandwich would go down well in Glasgow

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