Thursday, 19 September 2019

Star of the Internet

I was browsing the internet for Yamaha FJ1200 info. I don't know why - having ridden, maintained and repaired them for the last 26 years there's not much I can learn from a website. Anyway I found "Top Speed", a site that reviews bikes including the FJ.

Looking the photo on the page I thought "I recognised that bike" - it’s a 1992 FJ1200 3XW, more specifically it's MY 1992 FJ1200 3XW. It is a photo of my bike I took in July 2004 having bought the bike a couple of months earlier.

There's actually another photo of the bike on the page. A later one with a Givi Wingrack and a higher touring screen fitted. After a bit of a search I found that I took the photo in March 2007 at Loch Creagan in the West Highlands, north of Oban.

They must have copied the images from the internet but I can't remember posting then. I used to contribute to forum so I guess they must have come from there.  
Website here:
The photos stolen used 


  1. Could be worse. I found a couple of mine used in an article in Motorcycle Sport & Leisure. Without credit, I might add.

    1. I take it as a compliment. The FJ must have been considered a good example.