Sunday, 6 October 2019

Oldies at Kirkcudbright

Yesterday I took a run down to Kirkcudbright to meet the VMCC on their "Early Motor Bicycle Run" from Castle Douglas. This event is for pre 1924 bikes. You have to admire those who keep these bikes running many of which were well over 100 years old (the bikes I mean but the owners/riders look only slightly younger). You also have to admire anyone who would ride one on public roads. Remember that some of these oldies lack modern refinements such as clutches, gearboxes, suspension, electric lighting and anything much resembling brakes.

It was a dull but dry day. We managed to get home before storm Lorenzo arrived.

The bakery provided lunch

My favourite. A Swiss Moto Reve (from about 1906) with a tiny V twin engine in a bicycle frame

Two up seems cruel

When you lack a clutch this is how you get going

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