Wednesday 30 October 2019

Then Came the Last Days of October

Then Came the Last Days of October *

Last weekend was one of the most depressing of the year for me. Why? because the clocks went forward. We moved from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time. It means darker evenings and winter on the way.

We recently had some frost and they started gritting the roads. This prompted me to get my CBF250 back on the road.  

I've been riding my SV650 and FJ1200 since spring but it's time to get back on the little one. I checked it over and charged up the battery and all seemed ok. I then took it for an MOT (UK annual vehicle inspection test) and paid the road tax (correctly Vehicle Excise Duty) The tax on the CBF, while less than the other bikes, is more than Gwen's Ford Mondeo - grrrr.  

I ride all year round and there is a logic to having a "winter bike" like the CBF. Road salt is damaging - it causes corrosion and it's best to spare the big bikes this. The CBF is also light and easy to handle so ideal for occasions when it's slippery. Its lack of power is not an issue when riding about town or going fairly short distances. It cruises at 65mph without fuss so it's not exactly slow. The CBF will be my primary transport for the next four or five months. The SV & FJ will always be available and I'll use one of them if the weather allows.

* I'm try to get a song title in here. I'm referencing "Then Came the Last Days of May" by Blue Oyster Cult - a nice little tune.  


  1. Ice on the car windscreen in the morning, I think that may see the bike(s) parked up until the new year. It's depressing, but there's little fun to be had in winter conditions these days. Yes, I am getting old.

    1. I sort off agree. But I hate driving cars. I'm too impatient and like to get through the traffic and park anywhere. I've enjoyed riding the CBF over the last week or so. If you have to ride through winter it's about as good at it gets.