Saturday, 30 November 2019

Canal Revisited - Part #2

Canniesburn Locks

Walking on thin ice - a pair of moorhens. It has been unusually cold for this early in the winter and there was a thin layer of ice on much of the canal.

Reflections - Boghouse Lochs

The canal runs from sea level to sea level and rises to a height of about 200 feet. When you think about it, it has to be topped up to prevent to water draining away. 

This stream near Dullatur runs from Banton Loch which was built to supply water for the canal.

Craigmarloch Stables. In times past this housed the horses that pull the barges on the canal.

The Union is an old pub beside the canal in Falkirk.

Also in Falkirk is another pub/restaurant. It was once the Rosebank whisky distillery.

Dramatic sky in Grangemoth

The Kelpies sculpture at the start of the canal in Grangemouth. On my original journey these were 1:10 scale models.

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