Saturday 1 February 2020

CBF at 70k

My 2006 Honda CBF250 has now reached 70,000 miles. I usually do these posts at 20,000 mile intervals but I thought that I should do one now rather than wait for 80k.  

The last 10,000 miles have not been without incident. At 65k the cam chain tensioner failed resulting in two bent valves. Immediately after this the alternator fried itself. The fixes were not that difficult or expensive but you do have to think whether it's worth the effort & cost to keep the bike going. But I have the time and it's a hobby keeping it on the road. So long as the bike remains otherwise reliable I see no need to replace it.     

After a lay-off bike is back earning its keep and running very well providing me with daily transport over the winter. It's done 1,800 miles since the start of November without (many) problems. I gave the manual cam chain tensioner a slight tighten and that quieted the engine down a bit. The bike is consuming a bit more oil that before. I can't see any smoke from the exhaust but it does need topped up regularly. This bothers me not at all.

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