Tuesday 25 February 2020

Raintown #2 - Records Broken

Yesterday evening the weatherman confirmed my suspicions. With five days of this month to go it will be the wettest February on record. It seems as if it has rained all day, every day.

He said that the total, so far, was 11 inches (280mm) I downloaded weather data from the Metoffice (Glasgow Airport records since 1959) and with a bit of analysis in Excel I found the following:

Average February rainfall:     95.7mm   (3.8")
Maximum February rainfall: 250.2mm   (9.8") (1997)
Maximum monthly rainfall:   298.9mm (11.8") (December 2006)  

So this could not only be the wettest February but the wettest ever month.

Flooding in Paisley
So how does this affect me? Well I travel by motorcycle almost exclusively and it's mixed. I'm prepared for the Scottish climate so it's not an issue. I have decent waterproofs and although it's not nice, it's tolerable. On the plus side rain tends to mean it's less cold. There has been very little frost and only a couple of days of sleety snow.

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