Saturday, 21 March 2020

Down Along the Border - Part#1

I'm taking the opportunity of some decent early spring weather to get out for a run before a national lock-down is ordered. I suppose riding about on a bike neither risks getting nor spreading the plague. I did take the precaution of wearing gloves while refuelling - the pumps must be pretty dodgy.

There are a number of roads that cross the Scotland/England border - 25, I think. Here I'm doing the crossings and seeing if there is anything interesting at or near them. I'm travelling west to east.  

The first crossing is this bridge over the River Sark in Gretna.

Due to differences in the marriage laws between Scotland & England Gretna is know for weddings. The Old Toll Bar has carried out 10,000 weddings since 1830.

The border at the main west coast road - The M6.

The SV on the old Plump Bridge at the border near Springfield.

Old cast iron road sign

The Debateable Lands are a strange part of British history. For 300 years there was a small area of land on the border ruled by neither Scotland or England. In the area (only 10 miles long by 4 miles wide) lawless families or Reivers raided both kingdoms. The situation ended in 1552 when the Lands were divided between Scotland & England. The division was marked with a low, wide earthworks called Scot's Dike. It is now this plantation of trees.

St Andrew's church on the English side

There is a very spindly bridge over the River Esk to the church.

No crowds

The bridge was built for access to the bridge from a nearby stately home. No plebs allowed!

Kirkandrew Tower is a 16th century fortified house now a private residence.

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