Thursday, 5 March 2020

Some Local Sights

At long last the weather is not quiet so grim. Some blue skies and dry roads. It's too cold to go any distance but I get out locally when I can and here are some sights I snapped.

Strathaven Castle. This is located in the middle of a local town. It's an austere lump of stone. The gates were locked. Maybe because the building is dangerous.  

 I got some information on the castle from a book I bought recently in a charity shop.   

It was built in the mid 15th century and occupied until 1716. A grisly story is that when a wall collapsed in the 19th century a skeleton was found bricked up inside. Legend is that it was the remains of a wife who had displeased the lord of the castle. There is no proof of this.   

I fiddled with my camera settings to get this dramatic picture. This may look like a scenic Scottish loch but it's not. It's a flooded quarry near Airdrie.

Finally a bridge. Well, the remains of one. These are the columns of the Rotten Calder railway viaduct. This carried the branch line between Blantyre and East Kilbride. I passed near this for many years commuting to work but never saw it. It's located in a heavily wooded valley. Winter will be the best time to see it.  

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