Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bike v ford

http://www.wetroads.co.uk/index.htm is a website listing the fords in the UK. I was going for a run to Fife and saw that there was one in the village of Craigrothie, south of Cupar, and thought I'd take a look. The road is a dirt track and by the time I reached the ford it was too late to turn the FJ around. The track was too narrow steep & slippery. I had no choice and ploughed through. I made it but just. The burn was about 18" deep and the bottom strewn with boulders. There was much steam when the exhaust went under. The conclusion is that bikes and fords don't mix.

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  1. Just need a dual purpose bike with mile high clearance and dual purpose rubber....more great pics and scenery.