Friday, 7 October 2011

Featured Bike

1971 BSA Fury/Triumph Bandit 350cc

Fury & Bandit at National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham

In this series I'm going to write about rare/interesting/unusual bikes. Mostly these will be ones I've seen myself. To kick off we have the BSA Fury/Triumph Bandit. This bike was developed in the late '60s to challenge the Japanese middleweights. It had a DOHC 350cc twin cylinder engine. The bike looked good and was fast - 110 mph which, if true, would be better than a Yamaha YR5. Financial woes meant that bike never reached production.

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  1. If only, I was just out of High School when those were supposed to be launched. They definitely had the look down. If only they had been further developed and launched. I would have gone for a Triumph scrambler version. A bunch of us here were pretty excited about the prospect. More sales for Honda as it turned out. I bought my first Honda (scrambler 175) at a shop that sold Triumphs and BSA and BMW as well as Honda.It wasn't long before it was just Honda and BMW. Too bad.