Thursday 6 October 2011

Roundabout of the week

The humble roundabout. So common we ignore it (except in a traffic sense of course or we'd all be dead) But the local council sometimes put a bit of effort into their roundabouts to try to make our lives that little bit less drab. This feature will give credit to those who try. This week I salute South Lanarkshire Council for this one in Larkhall. A flying bird atop some squiggly stainless steel.

Roundabout rating 3/5.


  1. There's a really good one just outside Clackmannan with two huge figures.

  2. Years ago I came across one near Falkirk that had a palm tree, row-boat and loads of sand on it. It looked like a cartoon desert island.
    I thought that it was great. The council didn't, and had it removed.
    Apparently, it was so unusual that lots of drivers were crashing as they stared at the roundabout and not the road.

    1. Haha I’ve been trying to find evidence of this, I remember it well, there was also one with pink flamingo figures on it, I think Falkirk won some kind of competition and the roundabouts all got done up, wish someone had some pictures, I’m really glad someone else remembers this!

  3. More details of the roundabout art in Clackmannanshire:
    'Air Spirit' was knocked down by a car, not sure if it's been replaced.

  4. Roundabouts are something that have been popping up in my city as "traffic calming" experiments. Problem is that they are put in standard intersections that were not designed for them. Some even have stop signs in one direction, which have probably caused more near misses. I almost got hit by a driver that totally ignored his stop sign, while I was about to enter. I did see one yesterday that had been planted up with all kinds of shrubbery, probably in a bid to make it more visible. Not sure I care for them as they have been built here.