Saturday 7 January 2012

Featured Bike - Rickman Interceptor

I took this photo at a bike show in 2009. When Royal Enfield went bust in 1970 Rickman obtained 750cc Interceptor engines and put them into their nickel plated frames - 127 were made 1970-72. The bike has discs front & rear - probably a "first".


  1. With an automatic nuetral finder, to boot. (Sorry) I actually liked the 750 Enfields and wanted one. I remember ads in Cycle magazines when they were offering 750's, with a spare motor for around 1200 dollars. I've gotta see if I can find one of those ads. A Rickman Enfield would be nice.

  2. Here's the ad:

    I'm not sure offering a spare motor inspires confidence!

  3. Does somebody know where I can find informations about the Elite Motors (Tooting) how bought a batch of Rickmann Interceptors in the early 70's?