Thursday 5 January 2012

First Run of the Year

It eventually stopped raining so I managed out for a run today. It was cool & blustery and the roads were streaming with water from the recent downpours but it was sunny. I went up beside Loch Lomond then round the Rosneath Peninsular. I'd never been there before, as far as I can remember, which is strange for somewhere so close. Then to Helensburgh & home. 


Loch Long at Coulport

Rosneath Bay

Helensburgh - these heavy cope stones were ripped up during the storm


  1. Good grief! Did the coped edge make those stones into airfoils or what? They don't look very light at all. What a storm!

  2. It was the sea that did the damage.

    This video is in the area but a few weeks earlier.

  3. This video reminds me of the MZRC Rally at Gairloch in '07. As I recall "Mr Combo" had to retrieve the tents from the trees.

  4. Oh...I see, a little mini-tsunami action going on there!