Sunday 29 January 2012

MOT Time

The CBF is due its annual MOT (UK vehicle check) So it's a good time to do a few jobs. Firstly the right side fork seal was leaking. This goes with the territory if you're going to ride in winter. I had gaiters on the bike but they split - I'll get a new pair. Luckily the seals are easy to change.

The fork apart

Fitting new seal

Home made seal driver

This is why you should change fork oil - this is 2 years/12,000 miles old

Next the rear brake shoes & tyre.

A 2007 bike with a drum brake? - how quaint. But it works well and is unaffected by the weather which is more than can be said for the front caliper.

Bead breaker

Using rim guards when removing tyre

A blast from the compressor seats tyre.

1 comment:

  1. I gotta copy your wall mounted bead breaker. Looks like it folds up out of the way as well...genius as they say.