Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Canal Run - Part 1

Last year I had the idea that it would be an interesting way of seeing the country by following the route of major rivers by bike. As it turned out this was good fun and lead me to lots of places I'd never been before. I'll maybe post up a report at some point. Anyway the recent dry but cold weather meant that I could get out on the bike but couldn't go too far. This precluded a "river run" but then I thought "what about the Forth & Clyde Canal?". This crosses Scotland between The River Clyde in the west at Bowling, through Glasgow, Falkirk then into the River Carron then River Forth. Completed in 1790 the canal was an important conduit of industrial Scotland. It is now used for pleasure craft. Ok the first part of our tour starts in the west. 

The canal joins the River Clyde at Bowling

Bowling Basin partially frozen in the cold weather.

Hand cranked opening bridge at Clydebank

The Beardmore Sculpture at Clydebank at the site of the former shipyard.

Lunch "al fresco" at McMonagle's chip shop, Clydebank.

Lock gates at Anniesland.

Residents of the canal.
Stables at Lambhill for the horses that pulled the barges.

Lambhill Bridge. I used to earn a living as a Civil Engineer working on bridges. I designed and supervised strengthening works on this bridge. It was fairly easy since the bridge was of riveted steel construction. It was possible to burn out the rivets out to attach new steelwork.  

I've only got to north Glasgow! Stay tuned for more as the weather permits.

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  1. Great idea. Could make for an interesting trip. I could start from the east and meet you in the middle.