Thursday, 26 July 2012

Royal Enfields

On a recent trip to the Solway coast I met up with a party of Royal Enfield riders visiting the Mull of Galloway (Scotland's south west corner)

 700cc Constellation (I think) outfit had young kids in the sidecar - what a way to get about.

WW2 army 350 ohv (again I think). This was being ridden briskly by a Dutch lady who obviously doesn't go for the concours look.


  1. Nice looking bike Stuart...I think you're right about it being a Contellation.

  2. Nice group of Royal Enfields. Until the Norton Commandos showed up, I always thought I'd like to have a big Royal Enfield twin. With the "automatic nuetral finder".

  3. Met a man who races a Royal Enfield yesterday at the Sacramento Mile. He'll be racing the Vintage class races today. In a few hours I'll post a picture of his bike. He runs a business on the East coast manufacturing parts for vintage class racers.